Why Use Lining Paper When Decorating Walls?

So, why use lining paper when decorating? There are a number of reasons, especially if you’re going to paint walls.

As you can see from the examples below, walls may have many imperfections that will stand out a mile if only painted over. In fact, just painting will highlight the bumps and hairline cracks we get from the wear and tear of plastered walls.

It’s very important to prepare the walls before doing any decorating work. Those lumps and cracks have to be levelled and filled to ensure a smooth finished surface.

Old wallpaper (Image One, above) must be removed entirely and any cracks filled and sanded down. We make sure all the bits and pieces are removed. This makes our jobs a lot easier when applying lining paper and ensures our customers are pleased with the smooth results.

Once the walls have been levelled and all residue has been cleared away, (Middle image, above) we apply the lining paper. Notice how we ‘cross-line’ the paper and leave tiny gaps between each strip of horizontal lining paper.

The tiny gap is then filled, left to dry for a short time, and then sanded down to leave an amazingly smooth surface to work with. Once we’ve completed all the preperation work, we can now go ahead and complete the job.

The finish (3rd image above) can be painted with any colour you wish and you won’t see any joins, bubbles or stains. In fact it will look like a completely new wall!

You may want us to wallpaper over the lining paper which would give you an extra layer of insulation. Or we can simply paint the walls with your chosen colour.

From start to finish, you can be sure our work will be carried out with the highest regard to your expectations.

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Not Only For Living Rooms...

why use lining paper when decorating
Plaster imperfections on your wall can make it impossible to just 'paint over'

The Main Benefit For Using Lining Paper

The main benefit is rather obvious. Using lining paper can cover up old repairs, cracked plaster, small lumps and bumps and leave the wall looking as if it’s just been newly plastered. The most common lining paper size for an older wall would be 1400 grade lining paper. There are several grades of lining paper starting around 600 grade as the thinest to 2000 for the heaviest grade.

When applied correctly, lining paper can be painted over many times during its lifespan. And if wallpapering over lining paper, it will add another layer of insulation to your home.

More reasons to use Lining Paper

Below (and above) you can see a recently completed paper lined project of a kitchen area.  The walls now look brand new and all preparation, lining, painting and tidying up was carried out with the minimum of fuss to our valued customer.

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Lining Paper Can Transform Your Room!

So now you know the answer to the question ‘Why use lining paper?’ Not only is it cost effective, insulating and flexible, it can change the whole vibe of a room within a day or two!